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Almost everyone universally agrees on the one factor that separates fun nightclubs from unattractive ones, and that feature is atmosphere. Atmosphere is the word that people use to refer to the combined effect that the décor, music, and crowd have on each individual who enters the establishment. A dull atmosphere makes people feel dull, while an exciting one brings them to life so that they can have fun. Those who are looking for a night club in Rocky Mount, NC with a great atmosphere can come to Shaq’s After Dark.

What makes an after dark club unique is that it is only open during the “wee hours” of the night, when most people are sleeping. Because of the magic that happens during this special window of time, our night pub is full of the most interesting characters and stories that you could run into.

No other night lounge attracts such a unique crowd that has a taste for both sophistication and whimsy. Whether you want to find a new night bar where you can meet and chat with friends, or you are looking to be thrust into your first billiards bar experience, this is the place to go.

You do not have to be an experienced night crawler to get into Shaq’s After Dark, but you do have to be open to unknown possibilities. We try to maintain a cool atmosphere where anyone can take charge and be the man or woman of the hour. As long as our doors are open, there will always be music ringing through the night, and you can be a part of it all. Other local clubs are niched and hold onto cultural relics, while we are ready to move towards the future.

Swing by tonight, and see what all the hype is about.

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