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Sometimes, you just want to let loose after finishing a week’s worth of hard work. Doing so at home could get you in trouble, and it simply is not as fun without a large crowd of people. What you are looking for is a place filled with bright faces—some familiar, and some new—of people who are having a wonderful time where they are. Run-of-the-mill bars can bring you the product that you want, but the company is usually hit-or-miss. When you want to go where the people are dancing, come to Shaq’s After Dark.

Here at Shaq’s After Dark, we have a huge assortment of alcohol to suit whatever taste you may have. Perhaps you and your special someone want to come here for a romantic and exciting night, in which case, we would recommend a fine wine for the two of you. Others may prefer the taste of a hearty beer, of which we have many varieties available. Those who wish to spend less time at the drinks lounge and more time on the dance floor will be thrilled to see that we offer many different types of liquor and spirits at our bar.

Whether you like mixed drinks or prefer your whiskey straight, just let our bartender know, and he or she will give you exactly what you want. There are not many other places where you can enjoy a full service bar in Rocky Mount, NC coupled with great atmosphere, a lively crowd, and excellent live music. That is why we have been able to build our reputation as one of the best places for weekend fun in the whole county.

Drop in and get a feel for the place—we guarantee you will want to stay.

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